Graffo provides innovative solutions of high quality design and drafting to clients in the telecommunication industry.

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Graffo offers our clients a unique experience with never before seen, award winning solutions.

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Graffo is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Total Quality Management is our foundation.

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Graffo offers a diverse range of high quality products to suit our clients’ needs. 

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Need expert consultants? We provide a complete range of services around the clock.

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Need expert consultants?

We provide a complete range of services around the clock, from initial design to drafting.

Ultra low cost-communication tower

15-18m Ultra Low Cost site with fencing

  • 1-3 days deployment time

  • Filled using only sand and rock - no concrete required

  • Successfully implemented throughout Africa and the Middle East

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We provide

  • Cost Effective Communication Towers
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Precision drafting
  • Construction of wireless infrastracture

Main business areas

  • Ultra Low Cost and Rapid Deployment communication towers
  • State of the art multi-use pole clamps and brackets
  • Mechanical Design in the communication environment

About us

Our competitive advantage lies with our rapid turnaround time from conceptual drafting to final production, as well as our revolutionary products.

Cape Town
Phone: +27 83 679 4554

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